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Corporate Wellness in Mississauga | Corporate Wellness Program Mississauga

Corporate Wellness


Corporate health is often seen only in the fiscal numbers. Most companies fail to see the impact of employee well being on the bottom line. For instance, low back pain has a significant effect on productivity and healthcare costs in the workplace. The total cost to employers for back pain amounts to $44,600 per 100 employees annually. Since, lower back pain often exists with other symptoms such as depression and chronic fatigue, back pain sufferers are among the most expensive patients. Employer costs are further increased by back pain’s contribution to disability and worker compensation claims.

We would like to offer your organization the opportunity to join our Corporate Multidisciplinary Wellness Program (CMWP). As a CMWP member, your organization will be able to take advantage of our discounted rates for Multidisciplinary Health Services at our clinic apart from the wellness presentations and one-to-one discussions with your employees.

Our exclusive (CMWP) corporate wellness program offers our clients the following “Preferred Rates” benefits:

    • 15% off Physiotherapy
    • 15% off Massage Therapy
    • 15 % off Acupuncture
    • 20% off Orthotics and Orthotic Shoes
    • 20% off Knee brace
    • 20% off Compression Stockings
    • Lunch & Learn presentations to your members/employees annually

For more information about our corporate wellness in Mississauga, contact us today.

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